Great Lengths: Walking on a Long Line

Dogs love to explore, and one of the best ways to provide your dog with additional exercise and mental stimulation is to walk them on a long leash. Traditional four- or six-foot-long leashes simply don't allow most dogs the chance to truly investigate their environment. We'll teach you how to safely walk your dog on a long leash. Class involves lots of foundation skills to help your dog listen to you when they're further away, as well as real-world practice in multiple locations.

You will need the following equipment for class, in addition to your standard clicker and treats:
1. A well-fitting harness that allows you to clip the leash on your dog's back (over his or her shoulders).
2. A 15-foot-long leash.
3. A 30-foot-long leash.

Prerequisites: dogs must have completed our Beginning Obedience class (or have equivalent skills) and should be friendly and non-reactive to people and other dogs.
Session Details:
Cost: $75.00
Length: 3 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 4

Upcoming Sessions:
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