Canine Neurobics

Prerequisite: Beginning Obedience or equivalent skills.

Neurobics are mental exercises designed to create new neural pathways in the brain by using the senses in unconventional ways. While aerobic exercises target different muscle groups, neurobics increase the "range of motion" in the brain. Mental stimulation and enrichment activities can be very helpful in addressing anxiety, impulse control issues, or boredom for your dog.

This class will introduce your dog to a wide range of new sensory experiences. Each week will focus on a new sense (tactile, visual, olfactory, auditory, and gustatory), with new things to explore! We'll also play around with canine cognition exercises to challenge your dog's long- and short-term memory in fun and interesting ways.

Please bring a cushioned mat (such as a yoga mat) and a crate for your dog to each class.

We would like to credit Camille King of the IAABC for sharing her class outline for this new and interesting offering!
Session Details:
Cost: $150.00
Length: 5 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 5

Upcoming Sessions:
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