K9 Nose Work® Introduction to Odor

Prerequisites: Foundations, Continuing Pre-Odor, and Instructor’s A-OK. First time Odor students given enrollment preference over repeats


Crate Prerequisite: Dogs must be crate trained to participate in nose work classes. Your dog doesn't need to be quiet in his or her crate, but will need to be comfortable staying in the crate or in your car (weather permitting) between turns.

Note: This class is aimed at trainer/dog teams entering our Odor classes for the first time and these teams will get registration preference.  You may repeat this class if slots are available and with instructor’s permission.  Instructor’s permission to enter this class is required for all teams.

K9 Nose work classes encourage dogs to use their instinctive scenting abilities. Nose games are great confidence builders for shy or timid dogs, and a great way to exercise high-drive or excitable dogs too! Due to the nature of this class, dog-reactive dogs who can be safely crated in the presence of others are welcome to participate. Class is also suitable for older or handicapped dogs - this sport is truly open to everyone! Class will focus on increasing your dog's problem-solving abilities, with lots of fun scent challenges as dogs become more adept.  

Once dogs have worked through elevated hides, vehicle searches, off-leash searches (in safely secured areas only), threshold hides, outdoor searches, converging odor, corner hides, multiple hides, searching amongst distraction, handling challenges, and more in the K9 Nose Work® Continuing Pre-Odor classes, they are ready to be introduced to odor. In K9 Nose Work, we teach the dogs to search for a specific essential oil scent. Most dogs are ready to progress to this class after approximately 12-18 weeks in the K9 Nose Work® Continuing Pre-Odor class.

In the K9 Nose Work® Introduction to Odor  class, we'll teach your dog to begin searching for birch essential oil (and in later levels will introduce anise and clove). We'll show you how to fade your primary reward so that your dog searches as enthusiastically for the target odor as he did for food or toys, and will help students who wish to compete prepare for their Odor Recognition Test (ORT) and level 1 trials. Come ready to have fun, support your dog, and learn more about dogs' amazing instinctive scenting abilities.

Session Details:
Cost: $150.00
Length: 6 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 4

Upcoming Sessions:
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