Beginning Reactive Dog Rehab.

Is your dog a nightmare on walks? Does he or she lunge, bark, growl, or whine whenever another dog appears? Would you like to lower your dog's stress or excitement around other dogs or people? Are you in need of a safe, supportive training environment to help you overcome your dog's reactivity?
Living with and training a reactive dog can be tough. We can help!
Reactive Dog Rehab class concentrates on helping reactive dogs relax around other dogs and helping owners know what to do when their dogs do react badly towards people or other dogs. While this is a difficult problem, it can often be solved. Our techniques are humane and scientifically sound, and we're committed to using people- and dog-friendly training.

This class is a 6-week-long program. The first week is required and for people only. We will get to know one another, discuss our dog's problems, and learn the training tools and techniques we will be using during class.

One of the most important and predictable benefits you and your dog will get from this class is the skill you will gain in handling your dog. You will gain confidence as you learn to interpret your dog's behavior and see your dog become less stressed or excited ound other dogs over time. You will meet other people who don't freak out when your dog reacts but understand what it's like to deal with this problem. You'll gain support and encouragement from them. You will learn what motivates your dog to react and how to reduce it. And you will learn techniques for managing your dog when meeting other dogs to reduce the likelihood of reactions, and to help your dog continue to improve his or her behavior.  

This class requires extensive instructor training, expertise, preparation, and involvement. Class is limited to 4 dogs so that you will receive lots of individual attention.     

Session Details:
Cost: $210.00
Length: 6 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 4

Upcoming Sessions:
Sunday 3/4/2018 @ 6:45 PM with Lindsay Kinney CPDT-KA at Agile Canines Training Center
Map & Directions | Details & Sign-Up

Sunday 3/4/2018 @ 8:00 PM with Lindsay Kinney CPDT-KA at Agile Canines Training Center
Map & Directions | Details & Sign-Up
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