K9 Nose Work® Continuing Pre-Odor

Prerequisites: Beginning K9 Nose Work® Foundations.  This Class designed to be repeated 2-3 times before moving to Odor.  We will still be using Food or Toys as our primary reward and search criteria.

Crate Prerequisite: Dogs must be crate trained to participate in nose work classes. Your dog doesn't need to be quiet in his or her crate, but will need to be comfortable staying in the crate or in your car (weather permitting) between turns.

Our K9 Nose Work® Continuing Pre-Odor class is aimed at handler/dog teams that have successfully completed our Beginning K9 Nose Work® Foundations class.  This class consists of a total of 6 sessions completed over a 6 week period.

We build on the foundations of instinct, drive, and independence laid forth in your first class.  We will review and fine-tune the skills of elevated hides, on/off-leash searches, threshold hides, converging odor, corner hides, multiple hides, searching amongst distraction, and handling challenges.

Interior and Container searches will still be an important part of your sessions but your dog will also be introduced to 2 new elements: Exteriors and Vehicles.

Exteriors:  Dogs are natural hunters in the outside world.  However, that wonderful under-the-sky kingdom is full of marvelous distractions and associations:  play time, walks, squirrels, street treats, and the beckoning trees and hydrants of the neighborhood.  Your team will learn how to add the Nose Work game to this domain.

Vehicles:  Probably the most exciting element in Nose Work is the search of Vehicles.  It gives the team that “polished, professional” look as search takes place using cars, trucks, trailers, and other wheeled vehicles.

Exercises will be geared towards your experience.  A more experienced team will have more challenging activities as compared to a team who is taking the class for a first time.

Session Details:
Cost: $150.00
Length: 6 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 4

Upcoming Sessions:
Thursday 2/15/2018 @ 5:30 PM with Julia Breza CPDT-KA CNWI at K-M Regional Veterinary Hospital
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